【Jing He Secience CO.,LTD】was founded in Aug 2003,located in the northern Taiwan. We adopted ISO9000 as our model for quality assurance and obtained ISO9000 certificate in 2005, ISO14000 and OHSAS18000 were consequently passed in 2008. Jing He Science is advanced semiconductors’ supplier that specializes in providing high purity gas and all kinds of special gas valves.

The main product is high purity gas. JHS initially introduced world famous gas manufactures as our main suppliers. Few years later, JHS established a standard gas plant, and became the first local ultra high gas purification one without any investment.

JHS, a service oriented company, puts emphasis on supplying semiconductor, LED, LCD, solar cell industries as our basic clients. We provide professional and the best solution in high purity gas area. In the future, JHS will follow our client’s foot step to move towards international development in multiple aspects. Our main focus will be in Asia market expecting to be unique and become the prime choice for clients who seek trust partnership.

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